What Temperature to Serve Wine – NO ICE CUBES PLEASE!

What does serving wine at ‘room temperature’ mean?

And what does that look like on a Queensland summer day when temperatures inside your home can be above 30°C? Confused? You’re not alone.

The practice of serving red wine at room temperature came from Europe where home cellar and room temperatures are much lower.

So, it’s not surprising that here in Australia, we’re all probably a little guilty of throwing a few ice cubes into our wine glasses.

Hold those ice trays… here’s advice from our local Granite Belt experts on serving up your favourite vinos.

Serving Temperature FOR White Wines

Many wine critics have written that Australians drink their white wines too cold, often straight from the fridge (Guilty!).

White wines release their full aromas and flavours between 10-13°C, not chilled like Champagnes (although serious Champagne aficionados would never drink their Krug straight from the refrigerator).

It’s recommended to serve your bubbly at around 8-10°C, even up to 13°C.

Serving Temperature FOR Red Wines

Reds are best enjoyed within the range 14-18°C. Ten or twenty minutes in the refrigerator should do the trick in a Queensland summer.

Lighter bodied reds can be served a little cooler, around 14-16°C.  Fuller reds are best around 16-18°C.

Tips for Keeping Your Wine Cool

There are several types of wine thermometers on the market and the use of one will add to your enjoyment of the wine as you will know it will be served ‘just right’ and as the winemaker intended it to be enjoyed.

There are small cubes or pearls made from stainless steel or plastic widely available that you can use to keep both red and white wines cool. These can be kept in your freezer until required. If the weather is very hot just pop one or two into your glass and your wine will stay at the perfect temperature without being diluted by melting ice.

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