Granite Belt Visitors Guide 2020 – 2021

Come whenever you wish, the Granite Belt is always beautiful, always welcoming.  See why in our guide.

Strange Bird Wine Trail Map

Discover which wines are Strange Birds and find a cellar door on the Strange Bird Wine Trail Map.

Alternative Variety Wine Trail

Beyond chardonnay. Beyond shiraz. (Although both do brilliantly here), there are the Granite Belts magnificent alternative varietal wines. Our ‘Strange Birds’.

Pursue the strange birds and discover wines you’ve never tasted. Wines that quench your desire for something new and exciting.

To be called an alternative a variety must represent not more than 1% of the total bearing vines in Australia (as defined by the Australian Wine and Brandy Corporation).

Enjoyed in Europe for generations these alternative varieties are now emerging as Australian favourites due to their ability to match perfectly with food.

National Parks & Local Attractions

The Folly Truffles

French Perigord Truffles family grown right here in Queensland

mapMarkerGrey 1110 Bents Rd, Ballandean QLD,...

Anna’s Candles


wonderful friendly people with such lovely products ,great stop for the ladies ,...

mapMarkerGrey 10 Curr Road, Ballandean QLD, ...

Stanthorpe’s Little Brass Monkey

Our winter icon in Stanthorpe CBD

mapMarkerGrey 16 Maryland St, Stanthorpe QLD...