Winemaker: Grant Casley

casley mount hutton wineryGRANT CASLEY


Location: Stanthorpe area, Granite Belt Wine Country, Queensland


What made you decide to become a winemaker?

“I had the requisite technical skills (Chemical Engineer) to take up winemaking and could apply them to grape processing.”  

What did your introduction to winemaking look like?

“Visits to several Wineries in New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia and discussions with experienced winemakers.”  

What were you doing before winemaking?

“Employed by MIM Holdings for many years and managed Smelters and Refineries in Mount Isa, The UK and Townsville producing copper, lead, zinc, silver and gold.”  

What does your day-to-day actually look like?

“One of the benefits of the wine industry is that day-day activities vary throughout the seasons. ie now we are pruning and bottling and labelling wine, then it will be watching for any disease in the vines. Then comes the grape picking and processing into wine by controlled fermentation. We are open every day and some time every day is usually spent in the cellar door doing wine tastings with customers.”  

Do you have a favourite product, or one you are most excited about and why?

“Obviously its wine! which I like.”  

Do you have a favourite tool in your trade, that you just couldn’t live/work without?

“Probably the Spectrophotometer in the lab which is used for most of the wine testing.”    

What do you wish everyone knew about your products?

“That our wines are authentic Granite Belt grown and produced on site.”  

When you’re not winemaking, what do you like to do out and about on the Granite Belt?

“Catching up with colleagues, taking family and guests to other wineries and going out to dinner.”  

Where you’ll find Grant…

“Most days visitors can expect to meet me in the cellar door and have a tasting and explanation of winemaking.”  

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