Awesome Day Out with Dad on the Granite Belt

Day Tripping with Dad on the Granite Belt

Give dad a heads-up because it’s time to treat him to a day tripping around the sights and awesome tastes of the Granite Belt.  Reach here within 2hrs of Toowoomba and 2.5hrs of Brisbane.

Here’s some ideas for a day out with dad…

Visit a Craft Brewery in the Countryside

If dad likes a good brew, then there’s some mates he’s going to want to catch up with, hidden away in wine country!  This isn’t the big city – here you can expect to find the brewer himself pouring your beer and having a yarn.   Read more about the craft breweries around Stanthorpe.

A Drive to See Australia’s Pyramid

Credit: @emjay_1991

Australia’s answer to Egypt’s pyramids is hidden away in Southern Queensland’s wine country!  Sure at 17.5m tall it’s a fair deal smaller than the Egyptian ones, but heck, it’s also a fair bit easier and cheaper to get to!!  Find this cool spot and capture a fun family snap.

WARNING: Some dad’s won’t be able to resist the urge of posing for a pic ‘holding up the pyramid’ in an  ‘Incredible Hulk’ cross ‘Mr Universe” moment.

Location: Jacobsens Lane, Ballandean (turn opposite the Ballandean Tavern and drive a short distance)

More about the Ballandean Pyramid & driving to this location. 

The Balancing Boulders of Girraween

Girraween National Park image credit @saltysummits
image credit @saltysummits

The balancing boulders of Girraween National Park are WOW!

Plan a 2 hour hike to the summit of ‘The Pyramid’ (pictured above), or do the shorter 30 minute, more easy going Granite Arch walk (pictured below).  We’ve got all the details you need to know about doing this location here in our ‘How to Balancing Rock’ blog.  There’s also Castle Rock and a host of other epic hikes in this National Park – ideal for marking new memories and territory with dad.

WARNING: The urge for a dad hero photo at this location is not only likely, it’s an unstoppable force in the face of giant boulders which all bid those who come near to ‘hold them up’.

Location: Girraween National Park, Pyramids Road, Wyberba

Meet Some New Mates: Warren

photo credit: Trang & Kostas. Pyramids Road Wines
phophoto credit @trangkostas Still Wild Love Photography

Driving in to Girraween National Park you’ll drive right past Warren Smith’s little piece of wine paradise, so stop in to taste his wines at Pyramids Road Wines on your way in or out of the National Park.   Together with his wife Sue they have operated this winery for 21 years, doing everything themselves from grape to glass.

You certainly won’t forget the beard or the winemaker behind the beard.  Warren is a great bloke to meet and always willing to share tales from the vineyard and his years of learnings as a winemaker.

Pyramids Road Wines Open: 10am – 4.30pm 7 Days at 25 Wyberba Lane, off Pyramids Road

Goofing around on the Granite Belt

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