Liqueur Maker, Brewer, Distiller & Winemaker: Cedric Millar


Viticulturist, Winemaker (Vintner), Liqueur Maker, Brewer & Distiller CASTLE GLEN AUSTRALIA

Location: Stanthorpe, Granite Belt Wine Country, Queensland

What made you decide to become a distiller/brewer/winemaker?

“To make the best preservative free products the old fashioned way – traditional methods.”

When did you begin distilling/brewing/winemaking?

1990 Castle Glen was started from bare dirt 1991 Planted the Vineyard 1994 First Vintage of Wine 1994 – 1995  Built the Castle and opened June 1995 1995 – 1996  Fruit Liqueur production started 2009   Start of Beer brewing 2009   Start of distillation of Single Malt Whiskies and Spirits In 2009 we opened the Montville Satellite Cellar Door and then in 2015 the Tamborine Satellite Cellar Door.

What does your average day look like?

“Manufacturing of product, bottling, labelling and serving customers.”

Do you have a favourite amongst your products?

“Single Malt Whiskies – now a 12 year old in the Cellar!!”

Is there a product you are most known for?

“Not any one product. Known for Fortified Wines, Liqueurs and starting to be known for our Spirits – including Single Malt Whiskies and Gin.”

Do you have a favourite tool in your trade, that you just couldn’t work without?

“Love my new 2,500L new still – produces a barrel of whiskey every 5 hours!!”  

What do you wish everyone knew about your products?

“We actually make them – 100% manufactured by Castle Glen – 100% of our grapes grown in the Castle Glen Vineyard, source organic fruit wherever possible and chemical and preservative free. Crème Liqueurs – with No Dairy, No Fat and No Eggs – a World First!!”

When you’re not at Castle Glen what do you like to do out and about on the Granite Belt?

I don’t do anything outside of the business  – I work 7 days a week.

Awards – Australian Distilled and Spirits Awards (ADSA)

2 Champions (ADSA) – 2015 – Pecan & Hazelnut Liqueur,  2015 – Golden Knight (Peppermint Schnapps) 4 Gold Medals (ADSA) – Pecan & Hazelnut Liqueur, Golden Knight, Rum & Ginger Liqueur, Aromatic Bitters 17 Silver Medals (ADSA) 26 Bronze Medals (ADSA)

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